Top 10 Beach Tents to Protect yourself from Sun

Spending a day at the beach with friends and family is a perfect getaway. To make this getaway more charming and sublime, you need to have proper gear with you and beach tent is at the top of that gear list. Beach tents not only make your beach time perfect but also help you in enjoying an outdoor picnic a soccer game or a hike at the mountains.

Here we are reviewing the top ten beach tents available in the market so you can enjoy your time at the beach to its fullest.

1. Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

At the top slot is the easy setup beach tent from Pacific Breeze. With open dimensions this tent provides a spacious shelter and weighs 4.5 pounds, which makes it easy to travel with. It provides enhanced protection through UPF 50+ sun protection and has large windows for ventilators. It provides unmatched protection from wind, rain, and safety for little ones as well.

The large pockets inside the tent provide you with a space to keep your belongings. You can set it up in just moments and pack it away in no time with the carry bag that comes along. Made from breathable polyester, it is water repellent.

The frame is durable, lightweight and made from fiberglass, the water-resistant floor makes your stay at the beach more comfortable than any with any other beach tent. The warranty from manufacturer makes it a very viable option to have. The windows for ventilation add to the comfort it provides to the beachgoers.


  • Q: Can this tent be used without the stakes and tent poles weight instead?
  • A: Yes, it can be used in this way as well.
  • Q: The Description says this product is waterproof? Is it true?
  • A: Yes, it is waterproof.
  • Q: Does the carry bag have a shoulder strap?
  • A: Yes the carry bag has a shoulder strap, as this tent is very lightweight, so you can carry it easily.
  • It comes with a one year warranty and the customer service is very friendly and cooperative.
  • Users report that it takes less than one minute to set up.
  • It is lightweight and the included carry bag makes traveling with it very easy.
  • The quality of polyester, floor mat and all other materials used in manufacturing is very high which makes this tent very durable, long lasting and best option.
  • It can tolerate fast winds.
  • This tent is the best-ranked test and due to its high quality, warranty and durability, it has generated 100 percent user satisfaction and no issues have been reported up till now.

2. Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

Simple as you like, this model from Coleman comes in 5 different colors. Weighing about 5 pounds, it is one of the best beach tents available in the market.

This provides the user with privacy as it has the option to zip the front end of the tent and a large window at the back side gives proper air flow. It comes with a good quality floor mat. The dry line to hang wet clothes offers an additional feature.

It takes almost 5 minutes to set up this tent and is no Herculean task. This tent is a simple and yet finest option. The UPF 50+ protection removes the fear of getting sunburn or any harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

  • It is bigger is as compared with other tents in the same price range and can accommodate tall people.
  • It is designed in such a way that it provides extra shade.
  • The dry line is an additional feature in this tent.
  • This tent is not great in fast winds.

3. iCorer Automatic Cabana Beach Tent

iCorer Automatic Cabana Beach Tent

this light weight tent by iCorer’s comes in two different and pleasant shades of blue. The size provides a good shade and safeguards from sun and ultraviolet rays.

The innovative pop-up design needs no assembly and the tent pops up and down in seconds. The nylon of this tent is flame resistant and the floor pad is very soft and provides extra care for the kids.

The UPF 50+ increases the shield from the sun. You can balance it out with included metal stakes or use sandbag as well. The portability is aided by a low weight and carry bag. The large mesh window makes the air crossing easy and you can enjoy fresh air inside the tent as well.

  • It has an automatic pop up and folding down design.
  • It stands firm in fast winds as well.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The size of the tent is small.
  • The metal parts get rusted after some use.

Top 3 Beach Tents’ Comparison

Pacific Breeze Coleman iCorer
Dimensions (open) 86.6 x 49.2 x 47.2 inches 91.2 x 54 x 58.8 inches 65 x 59 x 43.5 inches
Weight 4.45 pounds 5 pounds 2.2 Pounds
Colors Blue Lime, Blue/Lime, Blue/White, Pink, Yellow Blue, Light Blue
Windows for Ventilation Yes Yes Yes
UPF 50+ 50+ 50+

4. Sport-Brella All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

Sport-Brella All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

This canopy styled beach tent is an ideal option for the family outing at the beach. The 8-foot tall canopy covers enough area for you and your company to enjoy your beach time. It weighs around 9 pounds. Coming in three different colors, this umbrella is also useful for picnics, soccer games, and other outdoor events.

The package includes a carry bag, steel ground stakes, and cords.The canopy is made from fine 210 D polyester and supported by steel equipment. The rugged cover provides an all-weather protection. It has windows to ensure air flow and visibility. The Sport-Brella provides UPF 50+ protection from damaging sun rays.

  • It provides an unrestricted view of the surroundings.
  • The assembly and disassembly are easy and take less time.
  • The carry bag makes packing and storing easy.
  • It cannot withstand extreme winds.
  • The metal components get rusted after a few trips to the beach.

5. Lightspeed Quick Canopy

Lightspeed Quick Canopy

Lightspeed Outdoors Canopy provides a lavish shade, packs down to a feasible size and has a weight of 7 pounds.  The easy up and down hub system makes this cabana easy to use.

The three open sides give ultimate breeze and the UPF 50+ protection. The umbrella has an extra coating for the rainy weather and the PE floor is perfect for kids and your pet.

The floor size is 84 x 120 inches and it has ample room for four adult chairs and the remaining beach gear can be adjusted as well. It comes with a carry bag, sand pockets, and metal stakes. The side pockets augment its feasibility.

  • The makers are offering one year warranty on this product.
  • This tent is really awesome if you take small children to the beach.
  • The fabric is lightweight and yet of very high quality.
  • The plastic components of this tent are not very durable.
  • The tent has problems standing firm in windy conditions.

6. G4Free Outdoor Cabana Beach Tent

G4Free Outdoor Cabana Beach Tent

The automatic tent from G4Free is claimed to be 20 percent bigger than the other tents in the markets. It comes in 6 different colors. The 190T silver coated fabric ensures maximum protection from UV rays. The interwoven mesh ensures that fresh air keeps on flowing inside the tent.

The four fixed bands and two built-in sand pockets provide an extra sturdy design in the face of strong winds. This tent can fit in 2-4 adult people and provides good headroom. The convenient carry bag with a shoulder strap makes it easy to carry this bag with you.

  • The manufacturers are offering refund and money back guarantee in case you do not like this tent.
  • It has a double deck stitching which makes it more durable.
  • Despite the manufacturer’s claim of being 20 percent bigger, it is an average size tent.
  • It does not hold in fast winds.

7. Rio Beach Shelter Tent

Rio Beach Shelter Tent

The total sun block tent from Rio weighs 9 pounds and two color variants. This tent is for people who desire maximum protection from ultraviolet rays and is a viable option for people who take small children to the beach.

The interior is wide enough to fit in two adult beach chairs. The interior pockets provide enough space to keep your belongings and the two mesh windows ensure proper air flow and ventilation.

The tent is made of machine-washable 75 denier polyester and SPF 50 ensures excellent sun protection. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of time to set up this tent.

  • It provides a cooler atmosphere inside the tent when it is warm outside.
  • It provides plentiful space for kids to play and enjoy in the sun shade.
  • The rods are very flimsy.
  • Users report that this tent is only good for kids; adults cannot stand in it properly.
  • The metal stakes that come with the tent cannot withstand even slight winds.

8. EasyGo Shelter Beach Umbrella Tent

EasyGo Shelter Beach Umbrella Tent

The instant beach tent weighs 6 pounds and has an extended floor rug of 48 inches that comes out from the front. This sun shelter tent is good for families having kids as the parents can relax back and the children can play on the extended floor rug.

The instant set mechanism ensures that the setting up and packing is stress-free as compared to the other tents. The sturdy design ensures resistance against winds. The circulation of fresh air is ensured by the three windows and the package includes a storage bag.

  • It provides an extended area to sit and play.
  • A limited warranty of thirty days is being offered on this product.
  • The metal rails snap after some use.
  • The fabric of this tent is not durable.
  • Despite the manufacturer’s claim of being resistant again strong winds, it blows away.

9. SEMOO Beach Shade Tent

SEMOO Beach Shade Tent

Relatively smaller dimensions and a weight of 2 pounds, the beach tent from SEMOO is the penultimate tent on our list. The cool yellow color gives this tent a distinctive outlook.

The easy to set up tent comes with a carry bag; fabric made from polyester, floor from PE and poles from fiberglass, inside of the tent has two pockets to keep your stuff safe. The four metal stakes tend to provide stability against winds and the mat keeps the sand away.

  • It is easy to set-up and lightweight to carry around.
  • There are no windows for ventilation.
  • There is no UV protection in this tent.
  • The fabric is not thick; hence you cannot get enough shade inside.

10. MonoBeach Baby Beach Tent

MonoBeach Baby Beach Tent

With three different colors and dimensions of 65 x 59 x 43 inches, this tent is suitable for 2 kids and 1 adult. It comes with an extended curtain on the front side to provide more privacy.

The extended floor rug provides additional area for kids to play and relax. The silver coated fabric provides protection from UV rays and is water resistant. The 6 stakes needed to setup the tent are included in the package.

  • The packed size is very compact; you can easily keep it in a suitcase.
  • It has a very small height.
  • The stakes are short and setting them up is very cumbersome.
  • The metal parts get rusted easily after some use.
  • The fabric is not durable and starts to rip off after one or two visits to the beach.

Selecting the Best Beach Tent

Generally, there are three types of beach tents available for beachgoers. When buying a beach tent, first of all, you need to identify the type of beach tent that suits your needs best and then we will guide you in selecting the other features of the tent. Following are the three types of the beach tents.

Pop-up Tent

It comes in the shape of tarpaulin and can be easily transferred to a shelter in minutes. Setting up, packing and carrying it with you is very easy. You can use sandbags to balance them out and enjoy a pleasant time at the beach.

Cabana Tents

Wide and open at one side, they come in different sizes and give protection from ultraviolet rays and can be zipped at the open side to provide you privacy. Handy in use, these tents are easy to carry and store.

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are perfect for large parties at the beach and for kids who love to make sandcastles. They provide shade for a relatively large area as compared to other two types of the tents.

Apart from the category of beach tent you want, following information will also help you in selecting the best tent for your beach outings.

  • Size – select the size that matches your needs best.
  • The comfort of use – always choose a beach tent that is easy to assemble and pack. Low-quality alternatives will make your beach time problematic and setting them up will become a headache.
  • Durability – make sure the tent you select is durable and has good user ratings.
  • Ultraviolet protection – a decent beach tent not only provides shade from the sun but also gives protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays to you and the little ones with you.
  • Cleaning – you will need to wash your beach tent after every visit to the beach, select a beach tent that is easy to wash and can be cleaned effortlessly with just soap and water.

Getting a tan in the sun is pleasant, but when the sun gets warm to an unbearable level, then you need a shade and beach tent then comes in use. It is better to have a beach tent than to have a bad time at the beach. Beach tents come in handy when you take kids along with you because they need protection from sun and sand. After going through our well-researched review, selecting a beach tent will not be a difficult task for you.



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