How to choose the Best Double Din Head Unit?

Whether you drive a car to drop off your kids at school or go to work, you have to have a car stereo in your vehicle to keep going. You might have heard that music keeps your alive, and sometimes it freshens you up from all the hectic routine. Experiments are going on to support this idea for a very long time.

There were cases where people were asked to drive with their favorite music on and then there were people who drove without any music in their car. Both of their driving performance varied to a large extent.

The group of individuals who drove with music in their car not only hit well but did not feel exhausted on the long route. However, the other group experienced lousiness and dangerous driving. To avoid exhaustion and lousiness while driving, listening to some music is recommended, especially when you are alone or on long routes.

Just like everyone has a different taste in music, people also prefer various types of equipment to enhance their music experience. A good car stereo can do things with your music that you cannot imagine otherwise.

Good headphones provide you better voice quality and understand the music; in the same way, a good stereo system can provide you exceptional music experience at the comfort of your car.

To understand the later parts of this article, we need to know what a stereo head is. A radiohead is the most fundamental and central part of your stereo system that sits in the dashboard between the front passenger seat and the driver.

It is a small box, but this little box has the capability to control everything that is related to your speaker system.

Best Double Din Head Unit: Summed Up

Product Model Our Ratings Remote
Pioneer FH-X720BT 4.9/5 Yes
Jensen VX7020 4.8/5 Yes
Pioneer AVH-4100NEX 4.7/5 Yes
Pioneer AVH-X4700BS 4.7/5 Yes
Pioneer AVH-X2600BT 4.5/5 No
Kenwood DPX500BT 4.3/5 Yes
JVC KW-R910BT 4.3/5 No
Kenwood DDX372BT 4.1/5 No
BOSS AUDIO 870DBI 4.0/5 Yes
Ouku In-Dash 3.9/5 No

Pioneer FH-X720BT 2-DIN CD Receiver with Mixtrax and Bluetooth

Pioneer FH-X720BT 2-DIN CD Receiver with Mixtrax and Bluetooth

This head unit by Pioneer comes with built-in Bluetooth for easy hands-free calling and audio streaming. Its color illuminations allow precise matching with your car’s interior. It also comes with integrated control for iOS devices. Pioneer has offered a built-in MP3 dock and an optional satellite radio as well. This model has 35% larger backlight than previous models.

It also provides the option of customizing the graphic equalizer. Its anti-dust design makes it easy to clean.

Jensen VX7020 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2” Touch Screen with Bluetooth and Built-in USB Port

Jensen VX7020 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2” Touch Screen with Bluetooth and Built-in USB Port

Jensen is well known for being at the top of the car audio industry for years. They have launched a head unit with a fully functional remote. This head unit has a built-in Bluetooth to facilitate audio streaming and hands-free calling. You can also find maps of all of US in it. It also has built-in iPad, iPhone and iPod controls. The best part is that it fits in dashboard openings easily. Jensen VX7020 also has steering wheel control interface which is compatible with SWC modules. You can get maximum visibility with its 6.2” touch screen. Its USB port allows charging all power devices like smartphones. It also has a micro SD Card slot to facilitate music and video files.

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7” WVGA Touchscreen Display

Pioneer AVH-4100NEX In-Dash Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7” WVGA Touchscreen Display

This Double DIN head unit by Pioneer comes with a big 7” screen with LED black light display. It is compatible with all Apple and Android gadgets. It has a display resolution with 800×480. The media playback supports MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, WMX and AVI, which ensures enhanced user interface. It is much more responsive and powerful than previous models offered by Pioneer.This head unit is easy to use and is customizable as per your requirements.

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver with 7” Motorized Display, Bluetooth, Siri Eyes Free, Sirius XM-Ready, Android Music Support, and Pandora (AVHX44700BS)

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS DVD Receiver with 7” Motorized Display, Bluetooth, Siri Eyes Free, Sirius XM-Ready, Android Music Support, and Pandora (AVHX44700BS)

Its 7” DVD display comes with a resolution of 800×400. It has a motorized display with touch screen and LED Backlight. It comes with five display colors with automatic brightness control. Built-in Bluetooth helps to connect with different gadgets, which supports content browsing. This head unit also has a 3-way audio network mode. There are 13 different background displays from which you can choose.

Pioneer AVH-X2600BT 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver

Pioneer AVH-X2600BT 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver

This Double DIN head unit gives direct access to the music stored on your Android and Apple device. It provides navigation support. It has a VGA display type. The additional feature of MIXTRAX eases the automatic remixing of tracks in just no time.

Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash car stereo Receiver

Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash car stereo Receiver

This head unit comes with a built-in Bluetooth hands-free. It promotes safe driving habits as it has a hands-free facility for audio streaming and telephone calling. It has an easy to use interface. This head unit has an option of reverse browsing. You can control your gadget manually with the help of disabled receiver’s integrated control. You can find a detailed user manual in the packaging.

JVC KW-R910BT Double DIN Car CD AM/FM Player Receiver with Bluetooth/iPhone/Android

JVC KW-R910BT Double DIN Car CD AM/FM Player Receiver with Bluetooth/iPhone/Android

JVC has offered a built-in advanced wireless Bluetooth. Also, it comes with a two-way iPhone / iPad controls. It has a USB receiver with 50 watts x 4 channels. If you have the right adapters, then it can also work with the controls on the steering wheel.

Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/AM/FM Receiver

Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash DVD/AM/FM Receiver

Kenwood has elevated multimedia experience by offering iPod and Android controls in DDX372BT Double DIN head unit. It has a 6.2” touch screen with automatic brightness controls.  It provides easy connectivity with built-in Bluetooth. It plays all DVDs and CDs. It also has an input for A/V sources. Kenwood has given a variety of programming on satellite radio in this Double DIN head unit. It requires a 1 12 V battery.

BOSS AUDIO 870DBI Double DIN DC/MP3 Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Detachable Front Panel, Wireless Remote

BOSS AUDIO 870DBI Double DIN DC/MP3 Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Detachable Front Panel, Wireless Remote

This Double DIN head unit is compatible with all smartphones and MP3 players. It has inputs for USB, AUX and SD Card. Its detachable panel is also a plus point, which is a preferable option if you have to park your car in parking lot for long hours. It deters theft. The wireless remote and usability of hands-free through Bluetooth for audio streaming is one hell of a feature. Boss has introduced ID3 tag that allows displaying additional data such as title, album, artist and track number. You will not have to go through a lot of trouble while installing it. It has an 80 watts x 4 max power, and comes with fader, bass, balance and equalizer. You can also play applications like Pandora and Spotify wirelessly.


Ouku In-Dash Double DIN Car DVD Player with Touchscreen LCD Monitor, 6.2.”

Ouku In-Dash Double DIN Car DVD Player with Touchscreen LCD Monitor, 6.2.

This Double DIN head unit comes with free KUDOS 4GB, GPS navigation map of America. It has a 6.2” HD touchscreen with a resolution of 800×480. The built-in Bluetooth and iPod connectivity support all kinds of connectivity with a variety of devices. It also has an additional feature of steering wheel support and a rearview camera. You will also be able to focus on your driving and make phone calls through hands-free Bluetooth at the same time. It comes with a power cable, mounting bracket, an iPod cable, and GPS antenna. There is a multi-language function also, which covers English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. Usually available in black color, this goes with all kinds of car interiors.

Everyone of the above-mentioned Double DIN head units has its perks. You might find one feature in a stereo and not in the other. This does not mean that it is absent, but it means that the other one has something better to offer. Each of them has a different price range also, but it all depends on your priorities that how do you want to create a balance between price, quality and additional features.

What is double din head unit?

A double-DIN stereo head is an international standard measurement. DIN stands for Deutsches Institute fur Normung. It is the German standards organization that has created the necessary standards for head units. Their measurements and units are in use till today, which means there has been no better option yet offered. The dimensions of a single head unit are 180mm in length and 50mm in height. However, the double DIN or 2 DIN head unit is 180mm wider and 100mm tall. As the height is double, this is why it is called the Double DIN head unit. People who understand these features and know the difference the two dimensions will prefer the later one.

Double DIN head unit is the most common type of stereo that people prefer in their cars. It is a device that is usually placed in the center of consoles of the cars that is used to control the radio volume. Even the stereo specialists recommend getting a Double DIN head unit installed in your vehicle as it provides the best music experience on the go. It provides better control of the sound, improved sound balance, enhances features of bass, treble, and equalizer. Listening to music is great fun when you know you can control the sound as per your preferences. There can be nothing better than having an incredible sound experience while you are driving at work. It keeps you fresh.

What to look when buying a double din head unit?

A head unit is the core of a car stereo which is why it is the attractive option to go for while upgrading the sound system of your vehicle. When you visit the market, you will come across some options from different stereo manufacturing companies. Each of the options will have some attraction in it, but do not rush while making the decision. Do not make your buying decision on the first visit to the market. Take all the time you need to go through all the options carefully. Talk to the company representatives and find out what they are offering. Take your time and do your research. Before that, another important thing is to be clear about what you need in your stereo system? There are a few things that must be a part of your consideration while making the buying decision of a head unit.

Measuring the faceplate

You have to measure the faceplate of your current head unit to find out whether you need a Double DIN head unit.  It is the most important and only thing that you need to know about your car before buying a Double DIN head unit. If it measures around 7 inches in length and 2 inches in height, then it has room for a single head unit only. But, if it measures 7 inches in diameter and around 4 inches in height then you can buy yourself the treat of a Double DIN head unit.

A head unit not only facilitates the functionality of the sound system but it also improves the performance of the whole system as well. A head unit serves to be an interface of the audio system of your car, which is why usability is one of the important factor here. You also need to have clear answers to the following questions:

  1. Which will head unit fit in your car?
  2. What are your requirements for a car stereo system?
  3. Is budget more important than quality for you?
  4. What is the usage of a head unit for you?
  5. How do you use your current head unit?

Other than the points mentioned above, there are a few more things that you should think about before you fall for an attractive looking stereo system at the stereo store. They are:

General features – such as power output, options to customize ad interface.

Audio features – availability and efficacy of retrievers and equalizers.

Compatibility – you have to learn about the compatibility of the stereo system with your personal gadgets to support Bluetooth, GPS and other connectivity options.

Controls – having an easy to use stereo system is not only safe to be used while driving but also is less troublesome. Always remember, that you cannot be distracted from the road. Easy controls are the priority of the stereos that come with wireless remotes.

You will have to know the capacity of your car’s dashboard before you go for a Double DIN head unit. You also have to be explicit about preferring budget or the quality. It is little understanding that anything that will be expensive will be of better quality; this is sad but true. Double DIN head unit might be expensive as compared to other head units but it has the best quality and features to offer. You will have more options with a Double DIN head unit. If you want to take things to a higher level, then you will have to loosen some strings and get yourself a big delightful package.

Better sound quality can only be available in high-end head units. They come with additional equalizers, amplifiers, and a digital audio processor. A car is a risky vehicle; you have to keep your attention on the road rather than trying to read out small letters on the display of a head unit. Make sure you stand a few feet away from the rack where the head units are placed; to check the screen visibility. You would not want to risk your life while trying to focus on what track is coming up next. For a lot of people, the cosmetic factor of a stereo is also important, which is why they prefer colorful displays and touchscreens. Moreover, no one wants an ugly looking head unit to go with their car’s interior.

Difference between a DIN and a double DIN head unit

The biggest and the only apparent difference in a single DIN and Double DIN head unit is the size. You have to make sure which of the both will be perfect for your car as per space in your dock. Double DIN unit head is 4 inches taller than the single DIN head unit. So if you have enough space, then you should go for the double DIN. It also comes with additional features like:

  • Touchscreen
  • Navigation
  • DVD
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

One benefit that most of the people see in choosing single DIN head unit is that it is cheaper than double DIN head unit. If you have a limited budget, then the single DIN would be a preferable choice. It gives much better sound quality as compared to the stereo systems that come built-in from the factory. They might not have the added bells and whistles of touch screen and auto adjust brightness, but still, it gives an exceptional experience. Also, you can save up to $400 if you are going to a single DIN head unit. But, if you are not tight on the budget and want to have a fun time every time you drive to work then do not be a miser and buy yourself the enchantment of Double DIN head unit.

Final Words

Music serves the soul. Most of the people have a hectic routine at work, and then they have to go home and deal with house stuff as well. Things get very boring and exhausting at the end of the week. Listening to music is a popular activity. People like to listen to their favorite tunes while they are driving to work or dropping off their kids at school. Driving becomes a lot of fun when you are listening to music. It prevents lousiness and dullness in the personality.

Some people say that music distracts them as they get too involved in their favorite song, but this is not true. It is all about self-control. When you are hanging out with friends or driving to a local bar, some party music will not harm the situation. It will add more color and delight to the ride. Music is said to have a positive influence on the everyday behavior of an individual.

Studies demonstrate that listening to music has a positive influence on the performance of your brain. The kind of speakers and stereo system you are using also has a huge impact on the quality of music. The better the system, the better the music will sound making it more enjoyable and relaxing. Picking a head unit out of such a large variety can be a tough decision.

There are too many stereo manufacturing companies, and each of them has a long list of sound systems; all of them have different features. You have to keep in mind your music sound and quality preferences while you are selecting a head unit. If you are more of a party-loving person, then getting yourself a Double DIN head unit would be the biggest treat ever.

Moreover, if you want to have a big display and are more into attractive lights and cosmetic beauty, then this would be the best buying decision. So, do not waste any more time and visit a stereo store to present yourself with a long life of the happy sound system.

We hope, our reviews will guide you through the whole process and enable you to make the right choice.



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