There are few things that you should look for when you are searching for an antenna. No matter you are looking for a best outdoor HDTV antenna or an indoor antenna. Still, you have to consider a few things before you make the final decision. Some of those facts are given below. We hope these will help you in your antenna shopping and deciding which antenna package you should buy.

Must Have Features in an HDTV Antenna

Coaxial Cable Length

Coaxial cables are for data communication. The longer the length of a coaxial cable, the better it is. You can connect it with your antenna on the roof and then bring it all the way to your TV set. The longer length of cable will help you catch more clear signals and channels. So, when you are buying an antenna, make sure that the length of coaxial cable is enough for you.


In the case of an indoor and outdoor antenna, the dimensions are important. You do not want a huge indoor antenna in your living room, in the same way, you will not like a big size antenna on the roof of your house. Not only that they are dangerous in case of uncontrollable weather, but difficult to install as well.

Included Mount

In the case of an outdoor antenna, make sure you do not have to buy the mount separately. Most of the companies add it to the package, but some so not. You have to spend a little more on the mount after you buy an expensive antenna. The strength of an outdoor antenna depends on the strength of mount, which is why there is no compromise on the quality of the mount.


Every electronic device comes with a warranty. So do antennas. There should be at least a year’s warranty with the indoor and outdoor antenna.

Email support

Email support is for filing any complaints and suggestions. Companies mention their email address on their warranty cards just to welcome suggestions and complaints.

Phone support

Phone support is just like after sales customer services. You should be able to call up their representatives and ask for help and guidance. Some companies send over their team to install the antenna, in case they don’t; you can call up and ask for help. Most of the companies go with the first option.

When you are investing in an antenna package, you must make sure its type and also it comes with all the essential elements., otherwise, buying them separately is a big hustle.

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